Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we concluded our series on C. S. Lewis’ ‘Surprised by Joy’

It was a challenging book but worthy of discussion. Those who stuck with the study gained new appreciation of Lewis and insight into what it means to be a Christian.

The final chapter was titled ‘The Beginning’

What is the connection between God and Joy?

The theme of the book was Lewis’ search for joy. His search led him on a spiritual journey.  He progressed from atheist to agnostic to theist to Christian.  It was as a Christian that he found joy. Carroll did not find this surprising. We can only know true joy when we are in relationship with Christ. Jesus tells us “I came to give you abundant life.”  Julie added that there are many things in life that promise to bring joy but that ultimately fall short. Lewis, like most of us, had to learn that truth for himself. For Lewis becoming a Christian was a process of elimination. No other belief system could bring the ‘joy’ he craved.

Why do we need to obey God?

Tom said it best – “because he is God.” For many years I believed this answer a cop out. It was like answering a questioning child with “Because I say so.” However, I, like Lewis discovered it’s the only answer that makes sense. It is tempting to only obey God when he gives us what we want.  He earns our trust by proving He is useful. However, this assumes we know what is in our best interests. My ten year old, if left to her own devices, would eat candy for every meal. I insist she eat food that is good for her and she is healthier as a result. She is not mature enough to make wise dietary decisions. I know what is best for her because of my age and experience. Consider the difference between me and God. My heavenly father is in best position to run my life. He is God and I am man.

We won’t meet next week but will start a new series on Peter, Wednesday, July 6. See you then.


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