10 Alive Recap



Sunday we discussed Exodus 13 – the institution of the Passover.

Why was all the ritual necessary?

Laurie said that when you are teaching a lesson to a child you use repitition. The more important the lesson the morerepetition you use. Tom added that a childs safety may depend on how well they learn. The Lord was teaching the Hebrews a very important lesson. God needed to make sure they understood that redemption comes from the shedding of the blood of an innocent. The Hebrews were freed by the grace of God not by their own works.

God taught by ritual because at this point in history there was no bible. Ritual was the way God taught the people and how they taught their children.

Jim observed that this is a difficult truth to accept. We want to earn our salvation. That way we can keep God at arms length and retain the right to judge others. If we we accept that we are saved by grace then there is nothing God can’t ask of us.

Jesus expanded the meaning of the ritual at the last supper. Jesus taught that he was the true bread of life and that he would be broken for our sin. Jesus blood was the wine of the new covenant. His blood would be shed for us. Jesus was the true lamb of God that would take away the sin of the world.

Today we have the Bible and it explains these truths, however, nothing takes the place of taking communion. This ritual allows us, in an intiment way, to remember we are saved by grace. And the price of that salvation to God.

Next week chapter fourteen. Consider the following questions:

1) Why do the people complain? Why don’t they trust God?

2) What do you think of Moses response to the people? v 13,14. Has this response proved true in your life?

3) What lesson did the people learn?

See you Sunday.


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