10 Alive Recap


Sunday we took a break from our Moses series so Bo could thank us for our support of the FCA football camp. We also heard from three of the campers: Nick, Will and Jake.

Nick said that he had always attended church but develped a deeper faith as a result of his camp experience. He was impressed by testemony’s of the coaches and players. Nick is more commited than ever to learning about Christ and is excited about the FCA bible study that will be starting soon.

Will made a decision for Christ at camp. He said that he finally realized that salvation was not about being good enough but being forgiven. His mom commented on the positive change she has seen in Will.

Jake said the discussions at camp drew him closer to his teamates and coaches. He added that before camp he didn’t understand how  Jesus could be concerned with a football game. He now realizes Jesus is concerned about every aspect of our lives.  Whatever we do should be done to glorify God.

Kristin wanted the boy’s to remember that they are strong now but a time will come when they wont be able to rely on their physical strength. At that point they will have to rely on the strength of Jesus and He will never let them down.

I believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit and with the help of men like Bo these boys are well on their way to understanding the truth of Kristin’s words.

I was impressed with the job Bo is doing and with the three young men. I would encourage all to give prayful consideration to supporting FCA financially. A monthly gift of $10 or $100 can make a profound difference in the lives of the young people in Morgan County. I also think our class should consider making a gift to FCA.

Next week we will discuss Exodus chapter eighteen. Consider the following questions:

1) What was Moses problem and what was Jethro’s solution?

2) Why do we allow ourselves to get overwhelmed ? Does God want us in that condition? If not why not?

3)  What steps can we take to “share the load” with others?

See you Sunday.


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