Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our series on Active Faith. We discussed Peter walking on the water. Our texts were Matthew 14:22-33 and 2 Peter 1:16.

Why were the disciples frightened when they saw Jesus walking on the water?

They thought he was a ghost and ghosts come to haunt not to help. Men don’t walk on water. But the Son of Man who spoke the universe into existence can do as He pleases. And only a man with that type of power can save you.

How does Jesus calm their fear?

He says “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.” Julie noted that when we face trouble it is easy for our fear to get the best of us. Jesus understands and reassures us — we need fear nothing except losing Him.

Peter walks on water but then sinks — why?

Jack said Peter sank because he took his eyes off Jesus. “…but when he saw the wind he began to sink.” we succumb to fear and depression when we focus on our circumstance. Jesus did not create us to be in bondage to our fear. He wants us to live lives filled with adventure and joy. We truly live only when we stay focused on Him. So how do we focus on Christ. One of the best ways is to read His book. Paul said that the bible is the very Ming of Christ. Try this, the next time you feel frightened and overwhelmed begin reading the bible. I bet you will start feeling better.

Is this story true? Does it matter?

In 2 Peter Peter reminds his readers that what he witnessed was true. Paul writes that “if for this life only we trust in Christ then we of all people are to be most pitied…If Christ did not rise from the dead then we are still in our sins.”

If the disciples saw a ghost that night and not Jesus then how can we be sure God will be there when we need Him? Thank God that we don’t worship a myth but the risen Lord of the universe.

Next week Matthew 15:10-20 and 1 Peter 1:22-25. Consider the following questions:

1) Why is the tongue such a dangerous weapon? And why is legalism ineffective in controlling our tongue?

2) Why do our thoughts lead to sin and how can we control our thoughts?

3) How have we been purified? And what does the our purification have to do with loving those around us?

See you Wednesday night.


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