10 Alive Recap


We are saddened by the loss of our brother Karl. He was dearly loved and will be sorely missed.

C. S. Lewis reminds us that Christians should never say ‘goodbye,’ rather we should say ‘until we meet again.’

We look forward to our reunion with Karl.

Sunday we continued our Moses series with a discussion of Exodus chapter twenty-four.

1) Why did God write the ten commandments in stone?

Jack said that stone has significance in the bible.  Rock is a symbol for Jesus as is the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark contains the stone tablets. Jesus kept the law perfectly — he led the perfect life in your place.

Fran said that writing something in stone shows that the author believes the message is important and wants the message to last.

Laurie noted that Jesus often refereed to the the ten commandments. This indicates that these laws were the most important and the ones we need to be reminded of the most.

2) Why does Moses wait six days in the cloud before being called by God?

Meeting with God is a big deal.  Moses needed to be properly prepared.  This period of preparation is similar to what the High Priests would be required to do before entering the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement.

Jim reminded us that because of Christ’s sacrifice we are permitted into God’s presence at any time. What a privileged.

3) Why was it necessary for Moses to stay on the mountain for forty days and forty nights?

This time period is refereed to many times in the bible and typically signifies a time of trial or temptation. Jesus and John spent forty days in the wilderness and the Israelites would wander in the wilderness for forty years.

In this instance the time period likely reflects the importance of the task Moses has been given and the need to ensure that God’s law is accurately communicated to the people.

Next week Exodus twenty-five. Consider the following questions:

1) Why is it important that an offering be taken to make the elements to be placed in the tabernacle?

2) What is the purpose of the Ark?

3) What is the purpose of the lamp stands?

See you Sunday.




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