10 Alive Recap



Sunday we began a study of the book ‘Enough – Discovering Joy Through Simplicity & Generosity’ If you haven’t gotten a book they are available at the church.

Sunday we discussed the introduction.

1) How would you describe the current economic conditions?

To varying degrees we agreed that these are trying times. We are all trying to do more with less. Robyn, whose job involves tracking restaurant and beverage sales, advised that there has been a significant decrease in the number of people in the 18 to 49 age group who are eating out.

Anne and Bill said that they find themselves being more intentional with how they spend on entertainment.

Class members who vacationed recently advised that they saved for their trips and looked for value.

I shared that Jamie and I lived in Atlanta during the boom years. Homes were going up in value beyond our wildest dreams. Most of our friends had taken out equity lines of credit. Deferred gratification was an out of date concept.

2) How can we be generous when we are concerned about our economic futures?

I suggested that our class provided a  good example of joyful giving.

We all have economic concerns yet our class bank account has never been larger and we constantly seek opportunities to meet needs in our church and community.

Laurie said that our generosity comes from our commitment to Christ. We know that all we have is His.

Debbie added that we are committed to each other. It is this love that creates the generous spirit that exists in our class.

Next week we discuss chapter one.

See you Sunday.


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