Wednesday Night Recap.


Wednesday we began a new series on David and Bathsheba.

Our text was 2 Samuel 11:1-5.

1) What was David’s first mistake?

David was outside the geographic will of God. When he should have been with his army he was back at his palace.

We discussed how often sin enters our life when we are bored. David had time to kill and it got him into trouble. David didn’t get up that morning and say “I think I’ll commit adultery today.” He was bored so he decided to take a walk.

2) It has been said that you can boil a frog to death if you place him in a pot and raise the temperature slowly. How does this apply to David?

David slipped onto sin. Each decision brought him closer to disaster. Boredom led to lust, lust lead to seduction, and  seduction lead to pregnancy.

We agreed that David knew what he was doing was wrong. However, he did it anyway. How often we think the rules don’t apply to us. We can handle it. The human heart has an amazing capacity for self deception. The enemy whispers “You deserve it.” or “Why not, everyone else is doing it.” If we don’t remain diligent we allow ourselves to be persuaded.

3) How can we avoid temptation?

Jack noted that we are most vulnerable if we focus on ourselves rather than Christ.

Jim said that we can’t defeat Satin by relying on our own power. We must allow Christ to fight for us. Carroll reminded us that God does not tempt us beyond our ability to resist. If we stay in His word we will find that the enemy flees from us.

Next week 2 Samuel 11:6-13. Consider the following questions:

1) What was David’s plan?

2) Why didn’t his plan work?

3) What does Uriah teach us about righteousness?

See you Wednesday.



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