Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our discussion of David and Bathsheba with a discussion of 2 Samuel 11:12-27.

1) What role did Joab play Uriah’s death?

Joyce said Joab carried out the kings command. Robyn added that the real sin was Davids. He was the one who ordered Uriah killed.

Tom wondered ¬†how David could have gotten so far off track that he would ask Uriah to deliver his own death warrant. Why couldn’t David see that what he was doing was wrong?

2) How could David believe he would get away with what he had done?

Chris advised that at this point David isn’t focused on God, David is thinking about himself and how he can get out of this situation.

Anne S. said that perhaps David had convinced himself that he was doing what was best for Bathsheba and her unborn child.

Fran added that as king David believed no one would question him.

Carroll said that we are not so different from David. When we stop listening to God we lose perspective on right and wrong and find it easy to be deceived by the enemy. He whispers “You deserve it.” or “The rules don’t apply to you.”

3) Why do we think we can get away with sin?

Carroll is right. The human heart has an amazing capacity for self deception. Without God we will always convince ourselves that we should be able to do what we want.

So how do we avoid this situation? We must work on our listening skills. The Holy Spirit is always speaking to us. He will let us know when we are off course.

Jenny observed that when people she knows start down the wrong path they immediately cut themselves off from their Christian friends.

One of the most tragic aspects of the story of David and Bathsheba is that at any point David could have put an end to the tragedy. If he had repented who would have avoided much of the suffering that was to come his way. And the same is true for us.

Next week 2 Samuel 12:1-15. Consider the following questions:

1) Was it wise for Nathan to confront David? Why did Nathan do it?

2) Was David’s response to Nathan correct? Why doesn’t God treat David as David would have treated the rich man in Nathan’s story?

3) What are the consequences of David’s sin?

See you Wednesday.




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