10 Alive Recap


Sunday we concluded our series based on the book ‘Enough.’

Two illustrations by the author, Adam Hamilton, formed the basis of our discussion. The first involved nine red and one golden apple.

Adam explained that God gives us all the apples and allows us to keep nine. He asks that we give back the one golden apple as a sign of our love and devotion for Him. However, Adam demonstrated, by cutting pieces from the golden apple, how difficult it is for us to give to God. It is so easy to put our wants ahead of God’s command ¬†and nibble away at God’s ‘apple.’ Jim said he was struck by the image of the cut up golden apple sitting on the altar next to the communion cup.

How can we be so selfish?

Chris said that it happens in stages as we take our focus off God. The enemy is expert at convincing us that we deserve a little more.

The second illustration involved a hat given to Adam by his daughter. He had given his daughter $20 to spend on vacation. She wanted to spend her money on a hat at the first place they stopped. Adam tried to dissuade her but she insisted. She purchased the hat and later gave it to Adam as a birthday present. He treasures the hat not only because it is a gift from his daughter but because it was born out of sacrifice and love.

What is our motivation to give?

“God proved His love for us in this that while we were ¬†sinners Christ died for us.’

God, at enormous cost to himself, gave us the way to heaven. How can we not gratefully give to Him?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will see you Sunday.








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