10 Alive Recap

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Sunday we continued our Advent series with a discussion of wise men and King Herod.

1) What were the wise men seeking and how did they know to look for the star?

The wise men are seeking the Messiah. “Where is he who is born the King of the Jews? For we have we have seen his star in the east and have come to worship him.” These men, who presumably are not Jewish, have come to worship Messiah.

How do these wise men know to look for the star? Scripture is not clear on this point, however, I believe that these men are likely decedents of the followers of Daniel. Daniel was taken to Babylon and there he taught and wrote about the coming of the Christ. These men knew when the Christ would come and what would be the sign of His birth.

2) Why did Herod want to know where the child was?

Herod, like the the wise men, knew who Jesus was. However, unlike the wise men he does not want to worship Jesus, Herod wants to kill Jesus. C S Lewis wrote that there can only be two responses to Jesus. You can accept him as Lord of your life or you can crucify Him.

3) Why do we seek Him?

Lewis is correct. We must either worship the King or deny Him. Hopefully all who read this have accepted Him as Lord of their lives. However, obeying Him can be difficult. We want Him to bless our agenda but He demands we follow His commands. This can be scary because we are more comfortable when we are in control. We must remember that He knows what is best for us. We will be much better off allowing Him to direct our path.

Next week we will discuss Matthew 1:18-25. Consider the following questions:

1) What do you think Joseph understood about who Jesus was and what His mission would be?

2) Would you have had the courage to do what Joseph did?

3) What is God calling you to do?

See you Sunday.


One response to “10 Alive Recap”

  1. Jack Miles says:

    Great class today, 12/11/11. It was proof positive how important a Christian group of believers is to each of our faith journeys. We indeed learn from each other.
    Thanks, John.