10 Alive Recap


Sunday we continued our Advent series with a discussion of Joseph.

1) What do you think Joseph understood about who Jesus was going to be?

Laurie said that as a devout Jew Joseph would have known the prophicies about Messiah, therefore, Joseph would have found Mary’s story about how she became pregnant plausible. However, as a man he would have had his doubts.

Jean said that in the end Joseph had to trust in his love of God and his Mary.

Bill added that when the angel spoke to Joseph it sealed the deal. Joseph was to be father to the Son of God. Joseph couldn’t have understood all that that would mean but he knew that his son would save people from their sins.

2) Would you have had the courage to do what Joseph did?

We all agreed that we would like to think we would obey God. The question is how to be sure we are hearing from God.

Bill reminded us that Joseph had the benefit hearing from an angel. However, Paul wrote that to have the Bible is to have the mind of Christ, therefore, when we read the bible we are hearing from God.

Chic and Laurie shared a story about how they listened to God. Laurie said that she wrestled with God most of the night with what God was telling her. Finally she realized that God wasn’t asking her to act alone. God was asking her to talk to Chic. We agreed that it is easy to get ahead of God. We must be careful to do exactly what God is asking us to do.

We discussed how best to hear God’s voice.

Jack said that he hears God when he spends time in prayer.

Sam added that he hears God’s voice when he spends regular time in God’s word.

We all agreed that being part of a good Sunday School class is an important part of descerning God’s will for our lives. I’m thankful to be on this journey with all of you.

Next week John 1:9-14. Consider the following questions:

1) What do these verse add to your understanding of who Jesus is?

2) What would have to change about your life if you applied the truth of these words to your life?


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