10 Alive Recap


Sunday we continued our discussion of Genesis with a look at the third day of creation.

On the third day God created land and vegetation.

1) What does this passage tell you about God?

Bill said that God is taking great care to provide a place for us. God’s attention to detail shows us how much we are loved. Bill added that God values His creation. He repeatedly says ‘It was good.”

Tom noted that God values work. God provided the vegetation but people needed to gather the food. We agreed that we were are less likely to get into trouble when we are busy. God has gifted us in different ways and gives us opportunities to exercise those gifts. In the world money is the way people determine the value of a persons work. Those with the most important jobs earn the most. But God values most the ones who use their talents to glorify Him.

Laurie reminded us that the problems in the world are the result of our sin not God’s creation.

2) What does this passage teach you about how God feels about you?

God wants to give good gifts to His people. He prepared a universe for our enjoyment. As if that wasn’t enough He sent His son to pay our sin debt so we could have eternal life. “God proved His love for us in this that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” No one will ever love or value you more.

Next week Genesis 1:14-19. Consider the following questions:

1) What does this text add to your understanding of God’s plan of creation?

2) Why do we need a sun and a moon?

See you Sunday.






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