10 Alive Recap


Sunday we continued our series on creation with a discussion of the fourth day.

1) What does this passage add to your understanding of God’s plan of creation?

Robyn said that God gives us the ability to mark time and seasons. Obviously it is important to God that we have a concept of time.

Sam said that by creating day and night God was telling us that we need a time to work and a time to rest.

Chris remarked that God is like a new parent taking care to prepare the nursery for a beloved child. It is wonderful to realize that we are that beloved child.

Laurie added that we are the center of God’s world. All of creation was prepared for our enjoyment.

Bill stated that the diversity of creation shows us how carefully God planed for our needs. At any given time there is a place on earth where food can be grown. Bill also felt that the diversity of creation demonstrates that we need a change of scenery to be happy.

We discussed whether God created the world in six literal days or was it over millions of years.

Jim said he prefers to believe that God created everything in six literal days. That speaks to the power of God and the power God has over the problems in the world. We face real challenges and need an all powerful God.

Bonnie said that it doesn’t matter to her whether God worked in days or over millions of years. The main thing is that it was God, not some random event, that created the world.

Forrest added that the complexity of life demonstrates that there must be  creator and a plan.

Next week Genesis 1:20-23. Consider the following questions:

1) What does ‘according to their kind’ mean?

2) Why do we need sea animals and birds?

See you Sunday.




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