10 Alive Recap


Sunday we continued our creation series with a discussion of the fifth day of creation.

On the fifth day of creation God created birds and fish. The scripture says that God created each ‘according to their kind.’

1) What does ‘according to their kind’ mean?

Bill said that science explains the tools God used to create the world and all the things that live on the planet. DNA is the blueprint of all living things. Each creature has its own building code.

We discussed how Darwin believed that life developed from simple to complex. However, we now now know life has always been complex. In the end modern science proves the Bible had it right all along.

2) What does this text teach us about our relationship to the planet

Tom noted that we were put in charge of creation and therefore, we must care for the planet. Laurie added that God created the world for our enjoyment. God wants us to build and cultivate the land. This led to a discussion of  politics and the environmental movement.  We disagree on particulars but agree that the Bible teaches that people have more value than plants and animals and that we must care for the planet.

We also discussed how movements that seemed benign like the eugenics movement became corrupt because they were not based on biblical principals.

Next week Genesis 1:24-31. Consider the following questions:

1) What does God mean when He says He created us in His own ‘image’?

2) What is our role in creation?

See you Sunday.





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