Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we continued looking at the difficult sayings of Jesus with a discussion of judging.

“Judge not lest ye be judged…”

1) Why do we find it easy to judge others?

Chris said we are selfish by natue. Because we spend so much time focusing on ourselves we find it easy to excuse our faults and focus on the faults of others.

Joe added that when we put others down we feel better about ourselves.

Grady said that when we judge others we don’t have to spend time thinking about how we can become better Christians.

2) What is the danger of judging others?

Those with a judgemental spirit tend to have hard hearts. Worse, they find it difficult to accept the gospel of grace.

Jesus makes clear that when we judge we are to do so in a proper way. “First remove the plank in your own eye so that you can see clearly to remove the speck in your brothers eye. Terry pointed out that we must judge with the proper motivation. He shared a story about a time he felt compelled to share information with his pastor about a man who was to be put in a position of authority. Because of Terry the man did not receive the assignment. Terry said that although it would have been inappropriate for the man to hold a leadership role in the church Terry was pleased to continue worshiping with the man.

Terry illustrates the way we are to judge others. We should never shrink from speaking the truth in love, however, we must always love the sinner.

Next week Luke 13:6-9. Consider the following questions:

1) Why is Jesus so hard on the fig tree?

2) What would change about your life if you took this parable seriously?

See you Tuesday.




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