Tuesday Morning Recap



Tuesday we looked at another of Jesus’ difficult sayings. Our text was Luke 13:6-9.

1) Why was Jesus so hard on the fig tree?

Jed noted that the fig tree wasn’t bearing fruit. It had been three years and the tree had produced nothing. The owner wants to cut it down and plant a tree that will be productive.

Paul said that we have to do more than say we are Christians. If Christ truly is our savior then we  must produce the fruit of the Spirit.

2) What would change about our lives if we took this parable seriously?

We discussed how this teaching could lead to feelings of guilt. Am I doing enough? What happens if Jesus returns and I don’t measure up.

Joe advised that true Christian service should not be motivated by guilt but by the love of God.

Grady said that the answer is the Holy Spirit. As we feed the Spirit through Bible study, prayer and worship we find that we want to serve God. A life spent in service to God and others is a life that can’t help but bear spiritual fruit.

Next week Matthew 21:18-22. Consider the following questions:

1) What is the meaning of this parable?

2) How can we have the faith Jesus describes?

See you Tuesday.




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