Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our series on the prayers of Jesus with a discussion of John 17:20-26.

“I do not ask for these only, but for those who will believe in me through their word.”

1) If you took this prayer seriously what would change about your life?

Two thousand years ago Jesus prayed that we would be ‘sanctified ‘ in the truth of God’s word. We face many difficulties and challenges in this life. Jesus knew about everyone of them yet his prayer for us is that we be grounded in God’s word. If we are grounded in God’s word our problems are easier to face. My former pastor, Don Harp, used to say “If you show me someone with a Bible in taters I’ll show you someone with a life that is not.”

We agreed that if we took this passage seriously we would have less stress and anxiety. We also conceded that we can’t take this passage seriously if we don’t spend regular time in the word and in prayer.

2) What is the greatest gift God gives you?

There were a number of good answers. Some said God’s greatest gift is the gift of His Son. Others said that eternal life is greatest gift God gives. Still others said the forgiveness of sins. However, the prayer of Jesus was that we should know the glory of God. Jesus wanted us to experience the power of the relationship He had with the father. Think about that. Because of what Jesus did on the cross you have the same access to and adoration from the father as Jesus himself has.

That is truly a wonderful gift.

Next week Matthew 6:5-9. Consider the following questions:

1) How does the hypocrite pray?

2) How does Jesus say we should pray?

3) How would your prayer life change if we took this seriously?

See you Wednesday.


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