10 Alive Recap


Don’t forget our party on the 19th at the Kauffman’s. It will be great time and opportunity to invite a friend.

Sunday we continued our series on creation with a discussion of Sabbath rest.

1) Why did God rest on the seventh day of creation?

Jim pointed out that God didn’t need to rest. He was setting an example for us — we need rest.

Jan said that God rested to illustrate that His work was done.

Fran added that God’s creation was good and God wants us to focus on the goodness of creation.

Chris noted that everything God had made was perfect and it was made for our benefit. By resting God is showing us that we need to take time to reflect on all He has given us.

Bill said that God felt joy towards His creation and He wants us to feel the same way.

Debbie noted that God is teaching us the importance of being still and focusing on Him and all He has done for us.

2) Why do we need Sabbath rest?

Kristin said if we don’t take time to rest the stress and busyness of life will consume us.

Tom added that for him Sabbath rest is primarily about reconnecting spiritually to God and those around him.

Paul said that Sabbath rest also encompasses physical rest. He recounted how he had a job where he was required to work seven days a week. His mind and body soon burned out.

Next week Genesis 3.

1) Why did Adam and Eve sin?

2) What were the consequences of their sin?

3) How will God deal with sin?

See you Sunday.


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