Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday, February 21 we will be gathering at Zeke’s cabin for a time of fellowship and good food. The party starts at 6:30.

Tuesday we continued our series on Jesus difficult sayings with a discussion of Matthew 22:15-22.

The Herodians try to trap Jesus by asking if they should pay taxes to Caesar.

1) What was the trap the Herodians were setting for Jesus?

Bob said they want Him to pick a side. If Jesus says people should pay the tax He will alienate the Jews who despise the Romans and their taxes. If Jesus says not to pay the tax then the Romans will brand Him a revolutionary.

Terry added that the tax the Herodians reference was the pole tax and it was a tax that was particularly onerous.

2) What is the meaning of Jesus response?

The answer lies in the inscription and image on the coin. The coin has Caesar’s image and states that he is divine and high priest.  The one who is God and our Great High Priest holds the coin with the claims of an impostor. The image could not have been lost on the crowd.

Jed said we should pay our taxes as required but give God our hearts.

Chris added that the Jews wanted Jesus to save them from political oppression but Jesus came to deliver them from sin.

3) What is the application of this teaching?

Joe C. said that the real issue is not whether Jesus is on our side but whether we are on His.

Bob presented a hypothetical situation where a teacher is told they can’t proclaim their faith on school grounds.

Sam said that if you hide your Bible you hide your principals. We are called to proclaim Christ.

Jack reminded us that we are also to obey the law.

Chic added that there are rules in the workplace that we must obey. There usually is a way to proclaim our faith in a way that honors the law.

Grady said that he sends his kids to school to get an education not to be taught theology. If we open that door we need be  prepared to have them taught about Judaism and Islam. However, there is nothing to prevent us from praying in public and talking about Christ every chance we get.

Next week John 3:1-11. Consider the following questions:

1) Why does Nicodemus come to Jesus at night?

2) How does Nicodemus believe he gets to heaven?

3) What does it mean to be born again?

See you Tuesday.



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