Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our series on the prayers of Jesus with a discussion of Matthew 6:12.

“Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

1) What debts do we have?

Bonnie said that the biggest debt we have is our sin debt and Jesus paid that on the cross.

Grady explained that we call this the Lord’s prayer but it is really the disciples prayer. The disciples were not suppose to rush through the prayer, rather they were to master one part of the prayer before moving to the next. Recognizing that we are sinners in need of forgiveness is critical not only to our relationship with God but to our relationship with each other. When we realize that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God we are not so quick to judge others.

2) Why do we need to forgive others?

Judy shared a recent experience where she forgave someone. Two things about that experience stood out to her.

First, she didn’t think she would have been able to do what she did a few years ago. Judy believes that her study of the Bible and the relationship she has with those in this class helped her to forgive.

Second, she found that when she forgave the person who hurt her she found peace.

Stacy noted that when we forgive we free ourselves. The one who harmed us no longer has power over us.

Next week Matthew 6:13. Consider the following questions:

1) Why are we led into temptation?

2) How can we avoid temptation?

3) What power does Satan have over us?

See you Wednesday.



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