10 Alive Recap


Sunday we continued our Lent series based on Adam Hamilton’s book. We discussed the trial of Jesus.

1) What most impressed you about the trial?

Jim noted the time Jesus spent at the home of the Chief Priest. It is difficult to contemplate Jesus waiting in a pit as he listened to the Sanhedrin deliberating his fate.

Anne was struck by how unfair the trial was. The Chief Priest and Sanhedrin had already decided that Jesus should be put to death. They were more concerned with their own power that God’s plan for salvation.

Paul said that the Jewish leaders aren’t much different than today’s leaders. Rulers often make decisions in secret that they think are in the best interest of the people. More often than not these decisions are wrong.

2) What does the trial teach us?

Jack noted that the Sanhedrin wanted to get rid of Jesus because He was a threat to their power. If we are not careful we can do the same thing. We can make decisions based on on our sinful desires rather than God’s will for our lives.

Laurie added that we have an amazing capacity to deceive ourselves into believing that our selfish desires are what God wants for our lives.

Next week we continue our Lenten series.

See you Sunday.































































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