10 Alive Recap


Sunday we continued our series “24 Hours that Changed the World.”

Our topic was Jesus before Pilate.

1) What was Jesus experiencing as he stood before Pilate?

Julie said that Jesus knew what was to come and this made it all the more awful for Him.

Eric noted that the physical suffering would have been tremendous for Jesus. He was flogged before he was crucified. The flogging itself would have killed most men.

Tom added that Jesus suffered physiologically. Those He loved most abandoned Him and He listened to the crowed chant ‘Crucify Him!’ In addition crucifixion was designed to not only kill but humiliate a man.

Jesus also suffered spiritually. Every sin you have ever committed–even the ones you ignore or excuse was laid on Him. It is easy to say “the Romans or the Jews killed Jesus” The truth is that we killed Him. Until we understand this truth we can’t appreciate His sacrifice. He literally took the punishment we deserved.

2) What does His suffering mean to us?

He paid the sin debt of the world — for both believers and unbelievers. Sin is no longer the issue. When we stand before Him the question will not be ‘do your good works outweigh your bad.’ The question will be ‘what say thee of Christ.’

We have been set free from sin. No more quilt. Grady noted that the Jews said ‘Let His blood be on us and our children.’ Some have used this verse to sanction anti-semitism. However, it is really a confession of the power of His grace. His blood does cover the sins of the Jews and of us all.

See you Sunday.



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