Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our series on the prayers of Jesus with a discussion of Mark 9:14-21.

A father brings his son to Jesus for healing. In Jesus absents the disciples fail in their attempts to heal the boy. When Jesus arrives the father ask Jesus for help. Jesus tells him that all things are possible for those who believe. The desperate father responds “I believe, help my unbelief.” After Jesus heals the boy the disciples ask Jesus why they couldn’t heal the child. Jesus tells them that this healing could only be accomplished by prayer.

1) What is the father’s prayer?

Jack said the father’s prayer was “I believe, help my unbelief.” He is desperate to find a solution for his son’s condition. This father has undoubtedly tried everything and has been disappointed many times. He is hoping Jesus can help but is prepared for another disappointment.

2) Why couldn’t the disciples heal the boy?

Jesus tells them that only prayer could work in this situation. The only one to pray in this story is the father.

We discussed how little faith the father has. He needs Jesus to give him the ability to believe. Isn’t it amazing that God loves us so much that He will give us the power to believe. When we are at our weakest He is our strength.

3) What does this teach us about prayer?

God is able to abundantly more than we ask of Him. His provision is not dependent on the strength of our faith — He only asks that we turn to Him.

Next week Romans 8:18-27. Consider the following questions:

1) What is the glory that will be revealed in us?

2) What are the first fruits of the Spirit?

3) How does the Spirit help us to pray?

See you Wednesday.



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