Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our discussion of the prayers of Jesus. Our text was Romans 8:18-27.

1) What is the glory to be revealed in us?

Carroll said that the Holy Spirit is the glory of God in us.

The Holy Spirit is a part of what Paul is talking about in this passage but I believe there is a much more to this promise. The passage says that the creation longs for what is about to be revealed. The creation has been cursed since Adam fell and sin entered the world. All that is wrong with the world death, sickness, storms and suffering are a result of Adams disobedience. God did not intend these evils. He wants us to live in the garden with Him. When Christ comes again all will be as God intended — no more sickness no more pain. This is the glory to be revealed. Not just for us but for all creation. The Holy Spirit is a down payment on this future.

2) What does this passage teach us about prayer?

Ginger shared that at the end of her mothers life she didn’t know what to pray. This passages teaches that when we are at the end of the rope the Spirit intercedes for us and prays for us. God, our loving heavenly father, knows what we need and will provide.

Many of you shared experiences that prove the truth of this promise.

Next week Luke 22:39-46. Consider the following questions:

1) Why does Jesus tell the disciples to pray that they not fall into the time of temptation?

2) What does it mean to pray that God’s will be done?

See you Wednesday.


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