10 Alive Recap


Easter Sunday we discussed Jesus encounter with the Emmaus disciples.

1) Why were the Emmaus disciples leaving Jerusalem and why did they return?

Tom said that they were afraid. Jesus had been crucified and they wondered if they would be next.

Robyn noted that they were depressed. They hoped that Jesus was the Messiah and now it appeared they were wrong.

They return to Jerusalem because they are no longer afraid. They know that Jesus is alive and they want to spread the news.

2) How does Jesus reveal Himself?

First Jesus uses the Bible to demonstrate that the Christ had to suffer before He entered into His glory. The prophets foretold that the Christ would pay our sin debt and reconcile us to God. Jesus is the only individual in history who perfectly fulfilled every Old Testament prophecy.

However, the disciples didn’t recognize Jesus until He broke the bread. We commune with Christ in a special and mystical way when we take communion.

Jesus reveals himself to us in many ways. Tow of the most important are His word and the sacraments.

Next week we begin a new series on Jonah. Our text will be Jonah 1. Consider the followin questions:

1) What was Jonah called to do?

2) Why didn’t he do what the Lord asked?

3) What was the purpose of the storm?

See you Sunday.




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