Wednesday Night Recap



Wednesday we discussed the feeding of he 5000 as recorded in John 6:1-14.

1) Why does Jesus give thanks before He feeds the people?

Tom said that like many of the things Jesus did He did them as an example for us. By giving thanks Jesus is teaching that God is the source of all our blessings.

2) What do Philip and the other disciples learn as a result of this miracle?

Macy pointed out that Philip was from this region. He would know all the places that sold food and how much it would cost to feed so many people. Jesus puts Philip on the spot to make a larger point.

We worship the God of the impossible. He is at His best when things are at there worst. There is no problem too big for God.

3) What does this miracle teach us about God’s provision?

If your spiritual life is like mine you are constantly battling between your will and God’s. It’s not that I doubt God will provide for my needs. I fear He wont provide what I want. However, as I grow closer to Him I find it easier to rest in the knowledge that He knows what is best .

Next week. Acts 12:1-17. Consider the following questions:

1) Why were Peter’s friends praying?

2) Why were they slow to believe?

3) What dos this passage teach us about prayer?

See you Wednesday.



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