10 Alive Recap


Sunday we started a new series on Jesus healings. Our text was John 9.

1) Why do the disciples assume the man was born blind?

They assume the blindness is the result of sin. 1st century jews believed that disease was a punishment from God for unconfessed sin. We discussed how the world often echoes this belief — ‘what comes around goes around.’ This philosophy also leads some, even some Christians, to believe that if they are good bad things shouldn’t happen to them.

Jesus told the disciples that the man was born blind so that the glory of God could be revealed. We agreed that in most cases we would be better off offering a helping hand rather than judging the individual.

2) Why were the Jews upset with Jesus?

He broke their rules by healing on the Sabbath. The Jews power rested in the law. Jesus is challenging them by teaching that the law does not lead to salvation. The religious authorities would rather have their power than the truth.

3) What does the healing teach us about God?

God cares about our earthly suffering but is more concerned with where we will spend eternity. Religion can get in the way of a relationship with Christ.

Next week Luke 7:1-10. Consoder the following questions:

1) Why is Jesus impressed with the Centurion?

2) What can we learn from the Centurion’s faith?

See you Sunday.





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