10 Alive Recap


Sunday we continued our series on Jesus’ headings with a discussion of Mark 5:1-20.

1) Is demonic possession real?

We spent most our time discussing this question. We all agreed that people can be possessed by demons but disagreed about who can be possessed. Some felt that believers could be possessed by demons while others felt this was not possible.

My view is that believers can not be possessed by demons. We are filled with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit can’t exist with evil.

We also noted that demon possession is not the same as mental illness. Demons have great spiritual clarity. They know exactly who Jesus is and the power He has over them.

2) Why do the people want Jesus to leave?

Bill noted they don’t want to deal with the implications of who Jesus claims to be.

Paul noted that they are angry about the loss of revenue caused by Jesus’ healing. They would rather have full pockets rather than full hearts.

3) How does the man respond to his healing?

He wants to stay with Jesus but Jesus wants him to go back to his people and tell how Jesus changed him

In the end the main purpose of Jesus healing was not to save a man but a community.

I will be out of town the next three weeks selling books and vacationing. Dad will lead class next week, Kristin the week after and then Tom will lead discussion. I will see you in July.


One response to “10 Alive Recap”

  1. jack miles says:

    If sin is evil then evil does co-exist with the Holy Spirit. If Evil is spelled with a capital “E”, then I too agree that Satan (and his minions) and the Holy Spirit cannot dwell within my skin at the same time. Yet, wait a moment, can Satan dwell in me? He certainly whispers his lies in my ears and mind but be in me like the H.S–I think this is doubtful. What say you guys?