Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we began a new series on the book of James. Our study guide was written by Max Lucado.

Lesson one was titled ‘Growing through Trials.’

1) How does scripture encourage people to respond to trials?

We spent most of class discussing this question.

Bonnie noted that it is tempting to ask God to remove our trials. However, she added that most of her spiritual growth has come during times of trial.

Bill added that God wants us to be patient. It takes time to become the person God wants us to be. He allows trials so that we can be conformed to the image of His Son.

On Sunday my brother gave a moving portrayal of the elder Apostle John. As part of that performance he told of two young brothers stole some sheep. They were caught and branded on their foreheads with the initials “S” “T.” The brand was to forever brand the men as sheep thieves.

One brother ran away and spent his life angry and bitter. Eventually he committed suicide.

The other brother stayed in the community and over the years regained the love and admiration of the towns people. After many years the brother was in the town square surrounded by friends. A stranger to town asked a shop keeper ‘Who is that man and what does the scar ‘S’ ‘T’ on his forehead mean?

The shopkeeper thought and finally said. ‘It’s been so long I don’t remember but I think ‘S’ ‘T’ stands for saint.

If we allow Him to God will transform our scars and mistakes into crowns of Glory.

Next week Lesson Two: Enduring Temption.

See you Wednesday.


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