Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday night we continued our James series with a discussion of lesson five ‘How Faith Works’

“What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?” James 2:14

1) Why is faith without works dead?

This question sparked a good discussion. We agreed that we are saved by faith alone in Christ alone.

We also agreed that once saved we should do the works that please God. If we fail to do good deeds we have not truly been saved. God paid a tremendous price to have relationship with us. No one who understands this could continue to be cavalier about their actions.

2) Why is it important to help others?

Jesus said that people will know that we are His if we love one another.

Jesus commanded us to help others. Indeed service to others is necessary if we are to become the people God intends.

We shared how serving others or being served by others has helped us grow spiritually.

Next week Lesson Six ‘Taming the Tongue’

See you Wednesday.




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  1. Carroll Simpson says:

    John –

    Would you please bring an extra copy of your book about mediation Wed. night so I can buy it? Thanks.