Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our series on James with a discussion of Lesson Nine — The Dangers of Pride.

1) What is the danger of judging others?

Judy said that when we judge others we diminish ourselves. Our focus is on how others have faltered or not lived up to our expectations. This focus may make us feel superior for a time but inevitably leaves us feeling empty.

Jack noted that when we judge others we put ourselves in the place of God. Only God can make a perfect judgement. Jack added that this passage does not mean we should never judge but that we must judge with the proper motive. Only when we operate out of the Holy Spirit can make a proper judgement.

2) How can planning lead to pride?

James doesn’t argue that it is wrong to plan but that we should acknowledge that God controls our futures. All our plans should be subject to His will.

3) Why is it not enough to simply know the truth?

The central theme of James book is that faith with out works is dead. If we know the right thing to do but don’t do it we are of no use to God. A real faith is an active faith.

Next week Lesson Ten — Warnings to the Rich.

See you Wednesday.


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