Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our study of James with a discussion of Lesson Ten — ‘Warnings to the Rich’

1) How do people oppress others for personal gain?

Judy said that our culture rewards winners. We want to be on the winning team and, if we aren’t careful, we aren’t too particular about how we win.

Jack noted that our fore fathers formed this country on the assumption that we could be whatever we wanted. Unlike our cousins across the pond we aren’t limited by bloodlines or class. Much of human history prior to 1776 had been about the upper class taking advantage of the lower classes.

2) How can we use our financial resources to glorify God?

Bonnie gave the example of how a dear friends generosity made it possible for her kids to be at their grandmothers funeral.

Nancy shared how her fathers law practice was blessed after he devoted a year of his life to help build a nursing home.

I shared how a prominent local attorney helped launch my mediation practice.

It’s not how much money you have that matters. In the end it is what you did with what God gave you that counts.

Next week Lesson Eleven — ‘The Rewards of Perseverance’

See you Wednesday.


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