Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we discussed chapter seven of ‘Forgotten God’ — ‘Supernatural Church’

A supernatural church is made up of supernatural members.

Chan’s church is Cornerstone. A while ago they asked themselves a question: “Why don’t we live like the believers who made up the first church?”

First century believers depended totally on the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the church became an unstoppable force. Chan writes “Nothing could thwart what God was doing, just as Jesus foretold: ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ (Matt. 16:18) The church was powerful and spreading like wildfire, not because of clever planning, but by a movement of the Spirit. Riots, torture, poverty, or any type of persecution couldn’t stop it. Isn’t that the type of church movement we all long to be part of?” p. 155

Earlier in the book Chan posed a question that bears repeating: What is the Holy Spirits will for the next five minutes of your life?  The Holy Spirit will lead us to becoming supernatural believers and in the process members of supernatural churches.

Next week we discuss Afterword. p. 161

See you Tuesday.



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