Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we began a series on Esther. Our text was chapter one.

1) What did the queen do to offend the King?

Anne said that she refused to come when the King summoned her. We agreed that she was correct not to come but her refusal left the King with a problem. His commands were the law of the land and the Queen’s refusal to obey threatened the King’s power and the social order.

2) What is the application of this chapter to our lives today?

We spent most of our time discussing this question. When is it permissible to disobey earthly authorities?

Paul writes that we are to not only obey but pray for our leaders. However, Peter and John disobeyed the Sanhedrin when they ordered Peter and John to stop preaching.

We agreed that a decision to break the law should never be taken lightly. Additionally, it should never be done to advance our selfish agenda.

We discussed Christians like Dr. King and Bonhoeffer who broke the law. Their actions were driven by a desire to advance biblical principals.

Jack said that both men were willing and eventually did pay a significant price for their decisions.

The call to Christian discipleship will often put us at odds with the world. May we have the discernment to know when to act and the courage to follow through.

Next week chapter two. Consider the following questions:

1) What role does Mordecai play in Esther’s rise to prominence?

2) Why doesn’t Mordecai want Esther to reveal she is Jewish?

3) What is the application of this chapter?

See you Wednesday?




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