Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our study of Esther with a discussion of chapter two.

1) How did Mordecai help Esther?

Anne pointed out that Mordecai raised Esther after Esther lost her parents.

Jack said that Mordecai advised Esther as to how to gain the kings favor. Mordecai uncovered the plot against the king and allowed Esther to bring the information to the king.

2) Why didn’t Mordecai want Esther to reveal that she was Jewish?

We spent most of our time discussing this question. The Jews were a conquered people but there have been many conquered peoples who were eventually assimilated into the conquerors culture. The Jews had a different religion, however, most cultures have their own religion.

Chris said that hatred for Jews is motivated by Satan. They are hated because they are God’s people.

Joyce added that Jews like Christians claim that there is absolute truth and that their beliefs are right and others wrong. The world has always responded negatively to claims of absolute truth.

3) How does this chapter apply to us today?

God orchestrated the events in Mordecai and Esther’s lives so that He could use them. We should stand ready to be used by God. However, we can’t answer God’s call if we haven’t developed the habit of listening to the Holy Spirit. To hear from God we must be regular in our Christian practices — fellowship, participating in the sacraments  bible study and prayer.

Next week chapter three. Consider the following questions:

1) Why did Haman hate Mordecai?

2) What did Haman propose?

3) What is the application of this chapter to us today.

See you Wednesday. Remember we will be meeting in the old fellowship hall.




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