Tuesday Morning Recap



Tuesday we continued our discussion of devotionals from Alleyne Wommack’s book ‘Portions from Philippians’

Most of you know that Alleyne was battling cancer as she wrote this book. She eventually lost her battle with cancer but this only underscores the value of her insights.

“…if we are still breathing, we can rest assured that God still has a use for us here. And if we are still of use here on this earth then by all means we must choose to stay. When we can truly say the words Jesus said to the Father, “I have finished the work You gave me to do,” and “It is finished,” then we can gladly leave this valley where death shadows us and can finally be released into the full measure of eternal life.” p 23

If we understood truly understood this truth we could laugh in the face of the things that cause worry and stress in our lives. We have a Father who will provide all our needs and only asks that we do His will while we are here on earth — If God is for you than who can be against you?

Tuesday we will discuss the devotions on pages 26 – 37.

See you Tuesday morning.


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