Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we concluded our series on ‘Portions from Philippians.’ Next Tuesday we will meet at Perk for a time of fellowship. The following week we begin a series on Hope. We will be reading passages in the bible about hope and discussing the object of our hope and what effect hope has on how we live.

We discussed many of Alleyne’s devotions over the past weeks. We were amazed and touched by her insights and the depth of her faith in the midst of suffering. My favorite was titled ‘Flying Above the Clouds’ p 58

Alleyne writes that her cancer has come back and the prognosis was not good. She was experiencing pain that made it impossible to sleep. In the midst of this she is confronting the possibility of the death of a loved one. In sum she was facing circumstances that would drive most into depression.

Alleyene describes a time when she was on a plane flying through a storm. She writes:

“It’s scary as the plane, big and heavy as it is, is tossed about by the winds like a kite in March. Suddenly this big engineering marvel which appeared so huge and invincible on the ground, is at the mercy of forces over which it has no control. As the plane sinks, one’s fear rises. Even as it lurches drunkenly, buffeted by wind and rain while flying through dense clouds, the pilot is not the least bit worried. He knows what he is doing, and soon all the crew and passengers realize it too. Suddenly the plane rises up out of the weather into a place above the clouds where the sun is brilliant against a clear blue sky.”

Alleyene is now flying above the storm and I’m sure her deepest desire would be for all of us to have the confidence that we too can soar above our troubles.

Thanks Alleyene.


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