Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we discussed chapter five of Esther.

1) What did Esther plan to do?

In law school I learned that you never ask a witness a question unless you already know the answer. Esther is making requests of the king that she knows will be granted. She is ensuring the protection of  her people and the destruction of her enemy. Esther is setting Haman up — literally giving him enough to hang himself.

She has made her plans but also trusting God. Last week we discussed how she asked the Jewish people to fast and pray for her.

2) Why is Haman upset?

He knows nothing of what Esther has in store so it is not her plans that upset him. He is upset because of Mordecai’s attitude. None of the promotions or wealth Haman received means anything if Mordecai wont show deference to Haman.

Haman decides he must kill Haman.

3) What is the application of this chapter?

Something is at the center of your life. It is the thing that defines you. To lose this thing would destroy you. If someone or something threaten’s this thing you will lash out.  The thing at the center of Haman’s life is Haman. He wants everyone to acknowledge him. Mordecai’s refusal to acknowledge Haman threatens Haman’s ‘center,’ therefore, Haman does’t just hate Mordecai Haman must destroy Mordecai.

Christ is the only thing you can place at the center of your life that makes you more loving. He is the one who loved you before the foundation of the world and who proved His love for you by dying for you. He gave you His Spirit so that you can love others as He loves you.

Next week chapter six. Consider the following questions:

1) Why does the king decide to honor Mordecai?

2) Why is Haman the one selected to honor Mordecai?

3) How does this chapter apply to our lives?

See you Wednesday.




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