10 Alive Recap


Sunday we discussed chapter eight of ‘Crazy Love’ – ‘Profile of the Obsessed’

Chan argues that the idea of holding back didn’t come from scripture. Jesus wants people who are obsessed with Him and who never tire of serving others.

We discussed what it means to be obsessed with Christ. Jack said that he remembers what it was like when he began dating Nancy. He wanted to know everything about her and did everything to please her. Their lifetime love affair serves as an example of how we should feel about Christ.

Bill and others remind us that loving Christ is a job that takes a lifetime. He doesn’t expect perfection only that we try.

Next week we discuss chapter nine ‘Who Really Lives that Way’

Chan gives examples of many people who live or have lived lives for Christ. Which stories most inspired you. Who has most inspied you on your journey?

See you Sunday.


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