Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we continued our series on hope with a discussion of John 20:1-10.

1) Why does John believe but Peter did not?

Bob pointed out that the text reads John believed but doesn’t expressly state that Peter didn’t believe. The gospels reveal that both John and John have moments of clarity followed by times of confusion and doubt. Indeed, the parenthetical in the text indicates that although John believed he did not fully understand the significance of the resurrection.

Jack said that we will never fully understand the power of the resurrection until we get to heaven. However, our ability to lead lives of peace and abundance is tied to our understanding of what happened that Sunday. The more we meditate on the power of Christ’s sacrifice the more we are transformed by its power.

2) Why did Jesus fold His head cloth?

In ancient times if a dinner guest left a folded napkin at his place it meant that he would be back and not to clear his place. Jesus is coming back! And that gives us hope.

Next week. John 20:11-18. Consider the following questions:

1) Why didn’t Mary recognize Jesus?

2) Why does this passage give us hope?

See you Tuesday.







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