Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued our series on Jesus ‘I am’ sayings with a discussion of John 15:1-11.

“I am the true vine and my Father is the vine dresser. Every branch of mine that bears fruit he takes away and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit.”

1) What does this passage teach us about God?

God wants us to bear fruit. We bear fruit when we serve others with the gifts God gave us.

God empowers us to serve as we abide in Him.

God wants us to grow. When we don’t grow he prunes us. We can’t become the people God wants us to be without pruning.

2) What does the passage teach us about people?

We don’t like to suffer. However, we all agreed that our deepest spiritual growth came during times of trial. It is during times of trial that we learn that we can’t do it on our own. When we are weak God becomes our strength.

Pruning also keeps us from making bad decisions or continuing down destructive paths.

3) What does this passage teach us about the relationship between God and people?

God wants us to live abundant lives. This can’t happen if we sit on our spiritual couches. Like a good trainer God pushes us so we can reach our potential.

We discussed how God often leads us to places we wouldn’t think to go. Carroll told of a man who spent every Sunday visiting residents at a nursing home. The man kept the visits secret form his family and friends. They didn’t find out until after his death.

Next week John 8:12-13.

See you Wednesday.



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