Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we continued our Joseph series with a discussion of chapter 40.

The Lord continues to bless Joseph while he is in prison. Joseph is placed in charge of the prison and correctly interprets the dreams of two of pharaohs officials. One is restored to service and the other is hung.

Joseph believes that his time of deliverance is at hand and asks pharaoh’s servant to put in a good word for Joseph. However, Joseph continues to languish in prison.

1) What does Joseph learn about himself?

The Lord has gifted Joseph as a leader and given Joseph the ability to interpret dreams. However, Joesph continues to suffer. Chris suggested that Joseph is not yet prepared for the job God will give him.  God wants to use Joseph as the instrument to save the people, however, God can’t use Joseph until Joseph has been completely humbled.

God wants to use us to advance His kingdom but He can’t unless we are willing to give Him the glory. Pride continues to be the biggest problem we face.

2) What does Joseph learn about God?

God will never leave Joseph and God uses every circumstance to mold Joseph.

Like Joseph we must submit daily to God’s will for our lives.

Next week Genesis 41. Consider the following questions:

1) Why does God choose this time to restore Joseph?

2) How does God use Joseph?

3) How is God using you?

See you Tuesday.


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