Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we discussed Genesis 41. Joseph is released from prison and promoted to Prime minister.

1) Why did God chose this moment to promote Joseph?

Chris noted that Joseph was ready to give God all the glory. Up to this point Joseph had used his gifts to glorify himself.  At this time he gives the credit to God and lets the chips fall where they may.

We discussed how easy it is to claim the credit for what God has done. None of us can claim credit for the gifts God has given us. It is true  that some develop their gifts more than others but we agreed that our greatest spiritual victories have come when we yielded to God’s will.

2) How is God using us?

If we find it hard to remember the last time God used us then we may have grown deaf to His voice. God calls us to service constantly. He told His disciples that the fields are ready for harvest but the laborers few.

We agreed that we must do a better job listening and then acting on His commands.

I have been very impressed with this groups willingness to meet the needs of this community and to support those who preach the gospel. Let us encourage each other do to even more in the days ahead.

Next week Genesis 42. Consider the following questions:

1) How has Joseph changed?

2) How is the change in Joseph benefiting those around him?

3) Are we making those we encounter better people?

See you Tuesday.


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