Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we continued discussing topics selected by the class. Our focus was the trinity.

The word ‘trinity’ does not appear in the Bible, however, the concept is clearly taught. Our text was Mark 1:9-13. In this passage the son, is baptized and the Spirit descends on the Son while the voice of the father is heard from heaven. This text establishes the three parts of the trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

These three are one in essence but three in person. Each has all the aspects of deity but serve different functions.

The Father is the creative force in the universe and sought to reconcile us to Himself through the sacrificial work of the Son. God the Father is Spirit and resides in Heaven.

The Son came to earth and took on human form. During His earthly ministry He showed us the essence of the father. “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.’ Therefore, all we need to know about God can be learned by studying what Jesus said and did. Meditating on Jesus words and deeds gives us a clear picture of God’s priorities and how we are to interact with Him and others.

The Son paid our sin debt on the cross. Every sin that has been or will be committed was placed on Him. The decision you make about Him will determine where you spend eternity.

The Spirit was given to the church at Pentecost. He comes to us at the moment of our new birth. He convicts us of sin and teaches the truth of scripture. He always points to the Son.

We can experience Him most directly when participate in worship, pray and study the bible.

Of course we cannot fully grasp the concept of the trinity this side of heaven, however, we can experience the truth of the trinity as we grow in grace. A proper understanding of the trinity positively  influences ever decision we make or action we take.

Next week we will discuss grace. Our text will be Romans 3:21-28.

1) Why do we need to be justified?

2) Why cant we be justified by the law?

3) What does it mean to be justified by grace?

4) How does grace change us?

See you Wednesday.



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