Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we discussed grace. Our text was Romans 3:21-28.

1) Why do we need to be justified?

We were designed to want relationship with God. Those who don’t know God spend their lives trying to justify themselves. Men tend to chase idols like money and power while women can make idols of relationships and family.

In the end any idol leaves you empty. Only God can give you what you really need.

2) What does it mean to be justified by grace?

We are not saved by works but by the blood of Christ. Nothing we can do will make us righteous in the eyes of God but when we believe in His son and accept His sacrificial death as payment of our sin debt we are made right with God.

Having accepted the gift of grace we are free, with the Spirits help, to lead lives that please Him.

The concept of grace is unique to the Christian faith. All other religions teach that you must earn God’s acceptance.

Grace is a message worth sharing.

Next week Creation. Our text will be John 1:1-5. Consider the following question:

1) How does what you believe about creation effect you?

See you Wednesday.



One response to “Wednesday Night Recap”

  1. carroll b simpson says:

    Looking forward to our study tonight.

    Just want to mention:

    How does what you believe about creation AFFECT you?
    affect = verb

    What EFFECT does that have on you?
    effect = noun

    I admit it’s a bit confusing, and I have to think almost every time I write one of them.