10 Alive Recap


Happy Mothers Day to all our moms. And a special Happy Mothers Day to mine!

Sunday we discussed  Mark 10:13-16.

1)Why were children drawn to Jesus?

Children are quick to pick up on people who are mean or strident. Jesus must have been the type of man who knew how to have fun and was willing to engage children. Children, therefore were drawn to Him.

2) Why did the disciples admonish the parents who were bringing their children to Jesus?

Tom pointed out that this incident occurred toward the end of Jesus earthly ministry. Danger was all around and the disciples wanted to protect Jesus. Additionally, they wanted Jesus to focus on important things. He could not be bothered with children.

3) Why didn’t the parents, particularly the mothers, give up?

We spent most of our time discussing this question.

Many in the class recounted that they owed their faith to mothers who made sure their children were in church — often at great personal cost. Mothers instinctively know what is best for their children. Many who were there that day didn’t know much theology but they knew Jesus had what their young ones needed and they were going to do whatever they had to do to get them to Jesus.

Thank God for moms who know what we need and wont give up.

Next week we begin a series on Gideon. Our first text will be Judges 2:11-15. Consider the following questions?

1) Why did the people need a judge?

2) Why didn’t God abandon them?

3) Like national Israel we get of track. How to we know when that occurs and how do we get back on track?

See you Sunday.


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