10 Alive Recap


My brother Jim will be attending class this week. He wants to thank us for our support of Apostle Productions and update us on what God is doing through Jim’s ministry. We will also be continuing our series on Gideon.

Last week we discussed why the Israelites needed a judge.

Bill said that without leadership the Jews had lost their way. They forgot God and began to worship other gods. We discussed how fickle the people appeared to be. Why weren’t they loyal to the one who had led them out of slavery in Egypt and given them a new land?

Tom noted that the Israelities are not that much different than we are. We quickly forget God’s provision when trouble comes. Like the people in Gideon’s time we find it easy to conform to popular culture when it seems difficult to follow God’s law.

Jack said that we must constantly feed the Spirit that resides within if we are to remain faithful to God and live out His plan for our lives.

This Sunday our text will be Judges 6:1-12. Consider the following questions:

1) Why are the people suffering?

2) How does God act to save His people?

3) Why doesn’t God just wipe out the Midianites?

See you Sunday.



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