Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we continued our discussion of Joseph. Our text was Genesis 43.

Joseph’s brothers are convinced they are being punished for what they did to their brother. They do not know they are being tested by Joseph.

Bob noted that although they are being tested they are also experiencing grace. They receive the grain they came to purchase and their money. Joseph has not returned evil for evil.

Israel  has not learned from his from his sins. He continues to play favorites with his sons.

‘My son will not go down there with you; his brother is dead and he is the only one left. If harm comes to him on the journey you are taking, you will bring my gray head down to the grave in sorrow.”

We agreed that it was amazing that Israel’s sons turned out as well as they did. They certainly had every reason to blame their lots on their father. Yet they show an amazing amount of courage and love.

If we are to become the men God would have us to be we must forgive those who have done us harm, even those who should love us the most. We must stay focused on the future work God has for us while completely dependent on Him.

Next week Genesis 44. Consider the following questions:

1) How have Joseph’s brothers changed?

2) How have times of trial shaped you?

See you Tuesday.



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