Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we continue our series on King Saul.

Last week we discussed why Israel wanted a king and why God chose Saul.

Israel wanted to be like other nations. To this point they had been ruled by judges. These judges answered to God and ruled in accordance with God’s instructions. However, the nation had grown and the people weren’t sure a judge was up to the task. In short they weren’t sure they could trust God.

God told Samuel ” It is not you they have rejected it is me.”

We discussed the problems that arise in our lives when we reject God’s. The Israelites would soon find that the same would be true for them.

We also discussed how easy it is to begin a task with God’s blessing and then mess things up. God is always ready to forgive and help us begin again but we have to ask. Sometimes admitting we are wrong and asking God’s help can be the hardest thing to do.

This Tuesday Grady will lead class and I know you wont want to miss the opportunity to hear what he has to teach.

See you in a week.



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