Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we discussed Psalm 112. What does it mean to be a God-fearing person and what is the benefit to fearing God?

The God-fearing person obeys God’s commands. I shared that my greatest period of spiritual growth followed my decision to obey God. For many years I believed that my money was mine and I resented anyone who tried to take what was mine. I knew what the bible taught about giving — the tithe. However, for years I argued with God. I couldn’t afford to tithe. There was always an excuse – new wife, new home and new baby or three! Besides, if God wanted more of my money he could give me more. In addition I got caught up in arguments about whether we were suppose to tithe our pre or post tax income. Could I count money I donated to other Christian organizations or the Boy Scouts.

I was completely baffled by Paul’s teaching that we were supposed to be cheerful givers.

Finally I quit arguing with God and started obeying Him. I can’t say that my attitude toward money changed overnight. I’m still a work in progress. However, since I obeyed I have never been unable to pay a bill and I have experienced more financial blessing than at any other period in my life. I’m begging to learn what it means to give with a grateful heart.

The psalmist notes that a God-fearing person is generous and has no fear of bad news. That is certainly more true of me than it was before I began obeying God.

I don’t know what issues you wrestle with, however, I know that if you obey God He will begin to heal you.

Next week we will discuss Psalm 139. Consider the following questions:

1) Does intimacy with God make you feel content or uncomfortable?

2) What do verses 13-18 teach you about God?

3) What do verses 19-24 teach you about our relationship with others?

See you tonight.


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